Excellent Detailing: Vehicle Detailing and Washing Services in Moncton

If you’re looking for a general truck wash, or you’re in need of precision detailing services, head on over to Excellent Detailing in Moncton. Whether you have a van, truck or transport truck, we offer excellent detailing services that will leave your vehicle with a sparkling shine, every time.

When we began our business in 2010, we originally contracted our fleet of trucks to major transportation companies and we quickly recognized the need for commercial and personal vehicle cleaning and detailing, so our business evolved to what it is today. See how far we've come by following us on Facebook. You'll see pictures of freshly detailed and polished trucks!

Rely on us for your vehicle's:

●   General cleaning
●   Interior seat detailing
●   Exterior polishing and buffing
●   Rim polishing

Depend on Experienced Auto Detailers
Accelerate on over to Excellent Detailing and see what our experienced detailers can do for your vehicle. Getting your vehicle cleaned is not only crucial for driving in comfort, but it also a great way to impress family, friends or the potential buyer of your vehicle. We remove any dirt and smudges, restore your headlights, and buff out any minor scratches for a long lasting shine.

What Is the Difference Between Rubbing with a Liquid Polish and Buffing by Machine?
Liquid polish simply smoothens the high points and removes oxidation, leaving a shiny appearance, only to quickly re-oxidize due to the open grain finish. Mechanical finishing, buffing by machine, literally levels all the microscopic imperfections on the surface, leaving a tight grain structure at the surface, resulting in more clarity and a longer-lasting, nicer finish.

What Gives Polished Metal That 'Glow'?
A polished surface is really a surface that is so smooth, it is shiny. Naturally, the surface is a microscopic mountain range, with the light reflecting into itself. Buffing will smoothe the surface so the light reflects back. The 'glow' is derived from thousands of fine directional buff lines, reflecting light back that is slightly scattered, which gives fine polished metals that 'illumination'.

Honest, Affordable Cleaning
For the right job – you need the right equipment. For transport trucks, we provide high quality commercial vehicle detailing using our own machine polisher and advanced cleaning equipment to make sure your truck and rims shine to perfection.

Can the Titan Buff Chrome?
Although the titan can buff any wheel, it is usually not recommended. Chrome plating is plated on the surface. The chrome would be buffed through very quickly – exposing the underlying nickel and copper.

Call Excellent Detailing for quick and affordable vehicle cleaning and detailing services. You can also drop your vehicle off at our shop. We’re conveniently located at 30 Roderick Ave (Unit 101).


  • Aluminum truck rim polishing
  • Cleaning truck interiors and exteriors
  • Trailer wash out
  • Detailing new and used trucks

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